Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Banner and Door Sign

This banner was ordered to give as a gift to a family with two little girls. Their birthdays are close together so rather than ordering a banner for each girl, she just wanted one banner that could be used for both birthdays! Brilliant idea! I was told to make it very girly, so I did my best!

These banners are 52" long and 22" wide. They take approx. 3 weeks to get finished and mailed to you so make sure you order in advance! They are $40.

This sign was made to hang outside a bathroom at an office that doesn't have a lock on their bathroom door. (How crazy is that?!)

The sign is 4"x6" and painted on wood. I can make door signs that say whatever you would like and you choose color and design. These signs are $10. Perfect for a baby gift, teacher gift, or just a little happy gift! (Or if your workplace is crazy and doesn't put a lock on their bathroom doors! :)

Email me at kheath.wigglesandgiggles@gmail.com with any questions or to place an order.